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Lipari un'isola tra storia e mito.

lipariis the most important and the largest island of the Eolian archipelago, 37,6 km of surface, 9,5 km long. As its sisters, the nature of Lipari is also volcanic, in fact there are on it 12 volcanic systems. Moreover it is rich of volcanic springs and volcanic materials as for an example: obsidian and pumice stone. Lipari is the most populated island of the Eolians, 9.000 inhabitants, who quadruplicate in summer. There are 4 towns: Acquacalde, Canneto, Piano Corto and Quattropiani. For those people who loves archaeology, Lipari is well organized. It is worth to visit its sites such as: the Castle, ancient acropolis of Lipari, the Archaeological Park, the valuable Archaeological Eolian Museum and the archaeological park of Contrada Diana, rich of ancient ruins of Roman buildings. All the story of the Eolian Islands has passed by here. The most beautiful shore of the island is Spiaggia Bianca (white shore) named like that because of its depths made of pumice stone. Crossing the rocks of Formiche, there are the stacks Pietra Enala and Pietra Lunga, very sought by scubas. Following the coast there are many bays to be visited and discovered.


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