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Incontriamo le isole Eolie nella splendida Stromboli.

stromboliit is 22 miles away from Lipari, the water around is 1.200 mt. depth. The island is made by the volcano Stromboli, the heighest dry volcano in Europe. Stromboli is inhabited only because the lava runs on the North–East side of the island. Someone said that a travel in Stromboli is similar to on it-self travel. Anyway all the island should be visited and a particular attention must be paid to Ginostra. The circumnavigation of the island could start from Fico Grande to reach Strombolicchio, a rock 50mt of height and about half a mile from the island. Sailing along its coast, after Punta Lebranzo, you will find many shores and caves until the moment in which you will arrive in front of where the lava dives into the sea. A wonderful show, especially when seen by night from the sea.


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