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Yacht Charter in Sicilia

Vulcano isole eolie.

vulcanois a half mile away from Lipari. The island is marked by 4 volcanic structures 2 of which are still active: Gran Cratere and Vulcanello. Vulcano is the wildest island of the Eolian archipelago, and the one which changes look according the colours of the sky. On the left side of Porto Levante there is Vulcanello, a promontory born by a violent underwater eruption. Along the isthmus that separates Vulcanello from the island, you will find the shores of Porto Levante and Porto Ponente. The last one is well known because of its very hot water made by underwater boils, while Porto Levante is famous for its black thin sandy.To make a sailing trip around the island you could start it from Punte Nere le tre Dita and after that you enter in Roja coast under the volcano itself. All around white and yellow rocks. Near Punta Luccia starts a plot of caves: following them you will be in front of the shores of Cannitello, Pra'e l' ufali, Pra' e l'asinu a Scario, all locations of crystalline waters.


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