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PantelleriaAt 75 nautical miles distance from Trapani, Pantelleria is located halfway between Sicily and Tunisia. Buffeted year-round by winds, Pantelleria is characterized by jagged lava stone, low-slung caper bushes, dwarf vines, steaming fumaroles and mud baths. There are no true beaches, but Pantelleria is known for its gorgeous, secluded coves, including Cala Tramontana, Cala Levante and Balata dei Turchi, are perfect for snorkeling, diving and swimming. Pantelleria is quite famous for its houses, the unique dammusi, lava rock constructions with thick, whitewashed walls, shallow cupolas, and cisterns for collecting rainwater and for the production of the wine called Passito di Pantelleria. There are many spots in Pantelleria that make it worth a visit, among them: Lago di Venere (Venus' Lake), a natural lake that occupies the bottom of an ancient caldera in the northern center of Pantelleria and offers hot springs and sludge baths, but also a beach to swim and sunbathe. The rock formation called Arco dell'Elefante on the east coast of the island that resembles an elephant that is drinking the seawater from its trunk. The Benikulà Cave, that is a natural sauna where escaping water vapor reaches a temperature of 38° C. Balata dei Turchi a very beautiful cove with a great cliff plunging steeply into the emerald sea.

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