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Lampedusa, the largest of the three Pelagic (the other two being Linosa and the Lampione, a tiny boulder of an island), lies between 120 and 150 nautical miles south of Sicily. Surrounded by stunning turquoise waters, Lampedusa is a popular summer holiday destination. The main attraction is the beaches strung along the 11km south coast. The most famous, and one of the Mediterranean's most beautiful, is Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbit Beach) at Isola dei Conigli, an amazing secluded bay lapped by shallow, aquamarine waters. The beach is part of a nature reserve because the Caretta caretta (loggerhead sea turtles) lay here their eggs between May and August. Other beaches include Cala Francese, Cala Galera, Cala Pisana, Cala Uccello and Cala Greca. Lampedusa is also famous for the fish couscous, cooked with a mix of African and Sicilian flavors with shrimp, lobster, plus other seafood added to the original receipt and accompanied with delicious white wines.

Linosa e Lampione
Linosa is only about five square kilometers in size, with much of the island scenery away from the shore dominated by the three extinct volcanoes and beaches of black volcanic sand. The harbour and town, to the south of the island, owes as much to African architecture as Italian, with small flat-roofed houses painted in bright and pastel colours. The main places worth a visit on Linosa are the Scoglio del Lampione, Cala Pozzolana di Ponente and Punta Beppe Tuccio, where diving is possible also the Faraglioni on the east coast and Cala dei Fili, with its white sea-sand.

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