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In Sailing ino in Salina

Nell'Eolie history and myth Salina.

Salinafor its population and surface it is the second island of the archipelago, 27 km of surface, 7 km long, just 2 miles from Lipari. Here the volcanic landmark is well visible from the 2 twins volcanoes: Monte dei Porri and Fossa delle Felci. The name Salina derives from a lake of very salted sea-water, on the Southern side of the island, one time used to derive salt. But, at the same time, this is the only one island which has fresh water, the others do not have it. For this reason, when you arrive from the sea, the island appears you as a mountain of green emerald, given by its famous vineyards. In fact the precious wine Malvasia comes from here. Who affirms that Pollara is the only suggestive area to visit here, is wrong. With 13 miles of coast in Salina there are alternatively fishing towns, caves, shores to be discovered. Among the most beautiful, Rinella and Leni, with their changing colours from the blue of waters to the green of the vegetation.

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